Go Live Prep List 
If you’ve been around the interwebs for a hot minute, you’ve likely noticed your newsfeeds dominated by video - specifically livestreams.
And they’re real. 
That, and every. single. time. someone comments (hello, hashtag replay!), your video pops back up on the feed. 
Why? Because they’re engaging. They’re interactive. 
There’s a whole lotta reasons to love livestreaming… except for that whole… going live thing (runs out of room screaming).
Yeah, I get it. I used to be super nervous (and awkward) too, until I mastered my livestream framework - Captivating Livestreams. (Spoiler alert, I’m still endearingly awkward - but not nervous.)
This checklist you’re being offered right here, right now, will tell you exactly what to do Before, During, and After your livestreams to maximize your screen time and make sure you’re mastering your call to actions (a.k.a. Reaching future clients and getting their contact info).
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