Download my daily marketing checklist to create your plan today.
I know how tempted you are to master all the things. You’re hearing all about Pinterest and its rockin’ organic traffic and building relationships in Facebook groups. And how fun it would be to have your own TV channel on YouTube. 
I get it, and I’ve got a question for you.
How’s that going?
Feelin’ good about it?
I’m guessing (if you’re anything like I was), that some days you feel like you are so TOTALLY on top of your marketing game…. And other days… well, other days, your couch, Netflix asking “Are you still watching Ozark?”, and an empty tub of ice cream seem like the best solution for your 
“I just want to hide” woes.
Whoa, Nelly. Let’s take a step back from the all or nothing mentality.  
This checklist will help you create a plan of a few, very strategic, and gosh-darn effective activities that you can do to grow your business, day in and day out. Netflix optional.
AND, as a bonus, because I love you, and you’re awesome… I also broke it down into weekly and monthly checklists, too
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